Main Brands

Main Brands

Jungheinrich: Premium quality pallet trucks and stackers

Since 1953, Jungheinrich has developed into one of the largest suppliers of material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow technology worldwide. From a small family owned company, the name Jungheinrich has developed into a top global brand in the field of intra-logistics. As Europe’s leading supplier, Jungheinrich offers products and services “all around the forklift truck”. Innovation, quality and our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Tailor-made “all-round solutions” are becoming increasingly important alongside the classic product range. You can fully rely on Jungheinrich in all matters relating to internal material flow.

Ameise ®: The traditional brand

Hamburg 1946 – Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich, engineer and inventor, worked in a small production workshop on technical solutions which one day changed the world of logistics. His robust transport equipment and pallet trucks are given a distinctive name: Ameise ® (the German name for ‘Ant’). Even now, 65 years after the start of the brand, it still stands for reliability and endurance at a very affordable price. Today, you can purchase the Ameise ® brand exclusively from our online SHOP. The name Ameise ® has even become a synonym for pallet trucks in many German companies. In these businesses, everyone knows when you ask for the Ameise ® it means; “get the ant”

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