Ameise PTE 1.1 litium ion pedestrial pallet truck
Ameise PTE 1.1 litium ion pedestrial pallet truck


Ameise® PTE 1.1 Electric Pallet Truck

The electric pallet truck Ameise® PTE 1.1 with lithium-ion battery offers a clever alternative to the manual hand pallet truck. It lifts, lowers and handles loads of up to 1 100kg fully electrically and enables ergonomic working with almost no effort. The electric pallet truck is ideally suited for easy use in the internal transport of goods. Thanks to its compact design, you can maneuver the PTE 1.1 safely and precisely even in the tightest of spaces. In addition, with this entry-level unit, you benefit from all the advantages of a fully electric pallet truck.

  • All electric driving and lifting function
  • Optimal replacement for the manual pallet truck
  • Lightweight, short and maneuverable: ideal for confined spaces
  • Maintenance-free lithium-ion battery
  • Access via Smart Magnetic Key, integrated diagnostic system

Change now: Replace your manual hand pallet truck with a fully electric alternative.

The electric pallet truck Ameise® PTE 1.1 is as light, compact and maneuverable as a manual hand pallet jack. Thanks to the 24 volt lithium-ion battery, you can lift, lower and move loads of up to 1 100 kg. In addition, the PTE 1.1 offers a low entry price - so why wait even longer? Benefit now from all the advantages of an electric pallet truck and create optimal working conditions for your employees. The ergonomic and efficient alternative to the manual pallet jack makes daily pallet handling child's play, even at high loads. In this way, you provide lasting physical relief at the workplace and reduce sick leave. At the same time, the safety standards of the electric pallet truck ensure a high level of occupational safety.

The electric pallet truck Ameise® PTE 1.1 has been specially developed for light use and optimally supports you in the internal transport of goods, be it in the warehouse or supermarket. The compact design, the small turning circle and the low dead weight offer high maneuverability. These advantages are particularly important in confined spaces. The long, low-mounted drawbar ensures a safe distance between the operator and the vehicle, and the collision safety button also provides effective collision protection. With the creeping push button, you can maneuver the pallet truck comfortably and safely even when the drawbar is set high. 

The pallet truck is equipped with a magnetic lock and can be started immediately with the Smart Magnetic Key. You can conveniently control all driving and lifting functions via the user-friendly multi-function drawbar handle. The battery charge indicator integrated in the drawbar informs you at any time about the state of charge of the battery. The electric pallet truck has robust and durable Ameise® quality. The strong steel housing protects the drive unit and at the same time provides protection against injuries in the foot area.

The maintenance-free 24 volt lithium-ion battery is characterized by fast charging times and a long service life. It is designed for an operating time of approx. 2 - 2.5 hours per day. Thanks to the intelligent automatic transmission, the vehicle switches off after 30 minutes without use of thus protects the battery. The included external charger enables fast intermediate charging and thus increases the availability of the pallet truck. The battery change is uncomplicated and can be done in no time at all without tools or cable pulling. An optional replaceable battery provides even more flexibility.

All Ameise® electric pallet trucks are serviced by Jungheinrich Service.

With the electric pallet truck Ameise® PTE 1.1 - lithium-ion you have a fully electric driving and lifting function up to 1 100 kg load capacity. Replace your manual pallet truck now and buy the electric pallet truck with innovative lithium-ion technology here in our shop.

Turning radius
1 337 mm
Battery voltage / nominal capacity
20 Ah/ per unit
Battery weight
4.6 kg
Load capacity
1 100 kg
Fork length
1 150 mm
Fork height
Net weight
118 kg
Fork width
685 mm
Travel speed, laden / unladen
4.6/4.8 km/h
Type of drive control
Pulse control
Parking brake
Climbing ability with/without load
4 - 16%
600 h / year
Temperature range
5 - 40 °C
Traction motor power
0.65 kW
Battery charging time
3.5 h
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  • Ameise® PTE 1.1 electric pallet truck - Lithium Ion

    • 1100kg Capacity
    • 685 x 1150 mm
    • Forks Lithium-Ion
    • Suitable for light use (3-5 hours per day)

    Efficient pallet handling thanks to fully electric travel and lift function with lithium-ion battery

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