Jungheinrich AM30 Hand Pallet Jack
Jungheinrich 3000kg Hand Pallet Jack
Jungheinrich AM30 Hand Pallet Jack
Jungheinrich 3000kg Hand Pallet Jack


Jungheinrich AM 30 Hand Pallet Jack, 3000kg

The robust and particularly maneuverable hand pallet trucks AM 30 are ideal for the transport of heavy goods over shorter distances. Even with heavy cargo they remain surprisingly quiet and agile. This is made possible through their compact format and their particularly wide steering radius.

Chromed bushes on the wheels and joints make sure that pushing and pulling of heavy goods is possible without much force. The tiller head, too, ensures ergonomic and therefore safe working with its design that is intuitive and easy to operate for left- as well as right-handed operators.

Due to the hardened steel and the stable forks AM 30 move very heavy goods with ease. The especially enforced frame makes these hand trucks reliable companions in warehouses as well as on HGV. For the transport of goods with extreme centres of gravity a variety of fork lengths are available – individually adapted to your needs.

AM 30
Load capacity / rated load
3000 kg
Overall length
1220 mm
Overall width
550 mm
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  • Jungheinrich AM30 Pallet Jack

    Robust pallet jack 550 x 1220mm

    Heavy duty hand pallet jack with a capacity of 3000 kg is suitable for transporting heavy goods in your warehouse.

    • 3000kg capacity, V/BV
    • 550 x 1220mm forks
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