The Jungheinrich EFG 320 Electric Forklift

Fully Refurbished 2017 Model 

This electric forklift is the perfect combination of robust, safety, ergonomics and efficiency making it a necessity for your warehouse and material handling application. 

A premium solution for your business offering the individuality every business needs, whether it's a small family grown business or large-scale operations. 

This refurbished electric forklift offers an ergonomic workspace for fatigue-free working; enhancing your operator's day and increasing productivity like no other. At Jungheinrich, we believe that a happy operator, is a productive operator and a necessity for a successful business. 

The Jungheinrich Electric Forklift range offers compact dimensions on our trucks for maximum maneuverability; powerful lifting hydraulics for maximum performance; and a compact mast to deliver the best visibility on the market for it's time. Jungheinrich has especially designed our forklifts in a way to increase stability all round.  By reducing the tipping risk of these trucks while cornering, it gives you the safety and trust needed for your daily operations. 

 The floating cab design came about while trying to enhance the ergonomics for your operator. This minimizes the feeling of bumps and discomfort while driving and still maintains safety at all times. 

This refurbished Jungheinrich EFG 320 has been fitted with a brand new 48V lead acid battery, and refurbished charger.  This refurb offers you a cost-effective premium solution with immediate availability.*  The truck has been load tested and inspected for delivery. This electric forklift offers a 3 stage 4,8 m mast.  This forklift is ready to help you and your business for many more years to come. 

This specific forklift truck has 7587 hours on the clock with 1100mm forks fitted to handle most standardized pallets.

*Delivery and/or collection of the unit is subject to payment terms for the forklift. Please enquire to find out more about different payment options. Should you pay via EFT, please send the POP to our email address. 

EFG 320
Load capacity / rated load
2000 kg
Load centre distance
500 mm
Solid (SE)
4800 mm
Fork dimensions
40 x 100 x 1100
Battery Type
Lead acid
7587 hours
Availability: Available Now

Jungheinrich EFG 320 - Refurbished

Electric Forklift

Used Equipment 

  • 2000kg Capacity

  • Electric
  • 4800 DZ (3 Stage Mast)
  • 7587 hours 
  • 2017
  • Fully Refurbished - 5 Star Quality 
  • New 48V Battery
  • Refurbished Charger 
  • Available Now
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