Full refurbishments

Jungheinrich's forklifts are dismantled, inspected. Damaged components are replaced with original Jungheinrich spare parts. After repairs, the forklifts will be re-painted and then assembled with precision according to German quality and safety standards. Let's follow the step by step processes of our refurbished trucks.

Step 1: Inspection of the forklifts

Thorough inspection according to strict Jungheinrich standards of quality is done to determine the condition. Essential safety components are replaced.

Step 2: Disassembly

Here all forklift components are being dis-assembled and cleaned, all operating fluids get discarded  in an eco-friendly manner.

Step 3: Re-conditioning of the components

Depending on the forklift's condition, certain parts are replaced. Draw-bars and axles are re-conditioned. New bearings and bolts are mounted. The battery is either re-conditioned or replaced. Masts are dis-mantled, while hoses and chains are replaced as well. 

Step 4: Surface Processing

The frame of the machine and the mast get cleaned, sanded, and repainted. The operator's overhead guard, steering system, side pushers, tilt cylinders and battery are all cleaned and repainted. 

Step 5: Assembly

All the forklift components are re-assembled to restore the forklift back to its original state. 

Step 6: Safety

Finally, the load test and pre-delivery inspection takes place. Each Jungheinrich machine comes out of this refurbishment process in premium German quality. Each with a safety certificate and our technicians' promise of quality, ready to go to its new home.

Jungheinrich South Africa offers attractive and flexible options to suite your warehouseing needs from used equipment, short term- and long term rental as well as outright purchases. Our attractive service options are available upon request.

Visit our main website for more product options available: www.jungheinrich.co.za 

How to use our online shop
How to use our online shop

Welcome to Jungheinrich Shop.

We are here to assist you in all your material handling online shopping needs.

Here's a short guideline of how to purchase your new Jungheinrich product.


On the main Jungheinrich Shop page, click on the heading of the product category of where your interest lies on the main menu bar:
Hand Pallet Jacks | Electric Pedestrian Pallet Trucks | Electric Stacker Trucks


Once you have found the product that sparks your interest, click on the "DETAILS" button to view more about the item.


After you've selected your product for further information, you'll notice that the page open with product description.
On this page you can select the quantities of the product, then you click on "Add to Cart" to continue with you online purchase.
A pop up will appear to confirm your order selection, whereby you select to either "Continue Shopping" or to "Proceed to Checkout".

Once you have selected "Continue Shopping" you can add more products to your cart, or when you are satisfied with your selection, click on "Proceed to Checkout".
When you have proceeded to checkout, there's an option to add in a Voucher Code IF you have one available to you.


Click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button at the bottom of your order. 


Enter your information under Invoice and Delivery address for your products to be delivered and invoiced correctly.


If you have any requirements that we need to assist you with, please enter your notes under the "Comments" section.


Click on the Terms and Conditions of data protection tick box underneath your order to complete your shopping.


Click on "Send Order" and you will receive a follow up invoice in your email box with all the order details.
Once you have completed your order, you will be contacted by our friendly sales team to confirm your order and if you require delivery for your newly purchased items.

Benefits of Online Shopping

Online shopping creates a faster purchase for office and home office experience by being able to access the shop from any mobile device and from any location. Jungheinrich-shop is mobile friendly, which means the website adapts to any screen size which makes it easier for the user to view the products online.

Your option of delivery or self collection is available for all online products. 

Do you need more assistance during your online shopping experience?
We have an online chat box available to you, where one of our friendly sales employees will guide you along your online shopping experience.

After Sales
After Sales

Profit from the expertise of the manufacturer – with our full service offers, flexible mainte­nance schedules and much more. We offer a variety of different services, all of which can be flexibly adapted to suit your individual needs. Our flexible offers assure you – especially in the long run – safe investments and planning.

Our direct sales organization stands for fast reaction times and ensures that the down­times of your trucks are kept on a minimum level. Your operational costs are reduced significantly – thanks to our great service network and our professionally trained service engineers. Our service uses genuine spare parts only, maintaining the value of your trucks as well as warranty claim. All our service vehicles are equipped with genuine spare parts on board which leads to short fixes and minimises the downtime of your trucks.

What’s in it for you

  • Professional and comprehensive consultancy
  • Fast communication channels and response times
  • Cost savings thanks to short downtimes
  • Excellently trained service technicians
  • Efficient spare part logistics and 98.5 % spare parts availability
  • Long-term maintenance of your trucks’ value with genuine spare parts
  • Increased operational safety and reliability

Did you know that if you schedule a maintenance plan on your current forklift, this would prolong its service life*?

Your forklift ensure safe, more efficient warehouse operations. To keep your investment in good running condition, you need a scheduled preventative maintenance plan on your forklift.

This includes:

  • Annual load testing
  • Six month thorough examinations by a qualified technician
  • Full service contracts available on Jungheinrich machines not older than 2 years and more than 4000 hrs.
  • Any forklift machine brand / make even if it’s not Jungheinrich – Preventative maintenance agreement for 12 months.
  • Service contracts for 12 months on any machine Jungheinrich and non-Jungheinrich (service only, this does not include breakdowns etc.)

Book your services and repairs now!

Contact our After Sales support center at 0800 984 001 or info@jungheinrich.co.za

Main Brands
Main Brands

Jungheinrich: Premium quality pallet trucks and stackers

Since 1953, Jungheinrich has developed into one of the largest suppliers of material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow technology worldwide. From a small family owned company, the name Jungheinrich has developed into a top global brand in the field of intra-logistics. As Europe’s leading supplier, Jungheinrich offers products and services “all around the forklift truck”. Innovation, quality and our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Tailor-made “all-round solutions” are becoming increasingly important alongside the classic product range. You can fully rely on Jungheinrich in all matters relating to internal material flow.

Ameise ®: The traditional brand

Hamburg 1946 – Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich, engineer and inventor, worked in a small production workshop on technical solutions which one day changed the world of logistics. His robust transport equipment and pallet trucks are given a distinctive name: Ameise ® (the German name for ‘Ant’). Even now, 65 years after the start of the brand, it still stands for reliability and endurance at a very affordable price. Today, you can purchase the Ameise ® brand exclusively from our online SHOP. The name Ameise ® has even become a synonym for pallet trucks in many German companies. In these businesses, everyone knows when you ask for the Ameise ® it means; “get the ant”

Choose the right hand pallet truck for your application
Choose the right hand pallet truck for your application

Choose the right truck for your application

For moving pallets horizontally, the hand pallet jack is the most commonly used internal truck worldwide. The hand pallet jack owes that popularity to the low purchase price. When the placement frequency and the weight of the load increase, an electric pallet truck can be a wise option.

Pedestrian hand pallet trucks: the perfect aid for occasional use

The hand pallet truck is the perfect aid for those who have to move pallets intermittently and over limited distances. It is compact, handy and can be used by anyone. The hand pallet truck also offers advantages in the cargo bed of the truck; on the one hand thanks to its lighter weight, and on the other thanks to its compact dimensions, which guarantees easy maneuvering and confined spaces.

Standard hand pallet jacks are often equipped with nylon wheels. Those who want more comfort can opt for a truck with rubber wheels. The "more luxurious" hand pallet jacks are also equipped with a rapid lift. The maximum lifting height is hereby achieved in significantly fewer strokes. This is useful when loads have to be picked up and moved more often. When choosing a hand pallet truck, the way in which the load can be places also deserves attention. For the maintenance of the warehouse loading floor and safety it is important to lower heavy loads. The lowering sensitivity of the lever can vary per hand pallet jack.

Use of manual hand pallet jack

The weight capacity of a manual pallet jack can go up to 3 000 kg. For safety reasons it is recommended that, the weight for a regularly used hand pallet truck is limited to a maximum of 750 kg. Starting the load takes a lot more effort and demands a lot from the body. For heavier loads above 750 kg it is advisable to consider switching to electrical powered hand pallet trucks, if the utilisation of the truck increases.

Shop here for your pallet jack

Electric pedestrian pallet truck: an efficient solution

As the transport distances increase, the electrical powered pallet truck is an efficient solution. These pallet trucks are equipped with an electric motor that controls the driving and lifting of the load. Thanks to the electric motor, electric pallet trucks also have a greater load capacity than manual pallet trucks. The electric motor prevents heavy pulling and pushing when transporting heavier loads. The lowering of the load is also easier with an electric pallet truck. The weight of the load can move up to 3 500 kg, for even heavier loads, there are custom-made electric pallet trucks.

Shop here for your electric pedestrian truck

Can't find what you are looking for?

Visit our full range of material handling products and services here>>

Buy Pallet Trucks Online
Buy Pallet Trucks Online

Our Range of Pallet Trucks

Whether you call them a Pallet Truck, Pump Truck, Hand Truck, Pallet Jack, Pallet Pump or whether you need a manual Hand Pallet Truck or an Electric Pallet Truck - Jungheinrich South Africa SHOP has the right solution for you.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Pump Truck (sometimes called Hand Pallet Trucks, Manual Pump Trucks, Hand Trucks, Pallet Jacks or Pallet Pumps) is the simplest way to move goods on Pallets. When choosing the right Hand Pallet Truck your first and main consideration is to find out how heavy the load you will need to move is as this will dictate what capacity Pallet Truck you need.

Most standard Hand Pallet Trucks can lift / move up to 2000kg (or 2 tons) which is often as much as you would want to manually pull around by hand anyway but it is important to check this.

The next step is to select the fork dimensions required. The most frequently purchased configuration from Jungheinrich South Africa SHOP is 1150mm (long) x 540mm (width across the forks) but it can depend on what type of Pallet you are moving as to what is best for you. 

Your third main decision is to choose your wheel configuration and material. Steering Wheels are often available in Nylon, Rubber or Polyurethane while the Fork Rollers are usually available in Nylon or Polyurethane and can be selected as Single or Tandem Rollers.

While Polyurethane wheels with Tandem Rollers usually come at a higher price (and are favoured by many due to reduced noise and smooth travel), again, it can depend on your application and usage as to what is right for you.

You may have other options available such as 'quick lift' (also sometimes called 'fast lift' or 'rapid lift' which raises the forks and pallet the first few inches higher off the ground with less pump strokes) but that's really about it in terms of your main decisions when buying a Pallet Truck. 

However, if you do need any more assistance, advice or just want to talk more about your own individual needs then please just pick up the telephone and call us on 0800- we're here to help.

Electric Pallet Trucks

Powered Pallet Truck is ideal for moving palletised items over medium to long distances on even surfaces, or for reducing the strain on employees using Manual Pallet Trucks regularly throughout the day.

Selecting the right Electric Pallet Truck is very much dependent on the weight of the load you are moving and how frequently and far you are driving the truck. Be sure to choose a truck with a load capacity to suit the maximum weight you need to move and, if you are using the truck regularly, you might want to avoid trucks designed purely for lighter usage.

Finally, you will need to select the applicable fork dimensions. A fork length of around 1150mm tends to be the most common but depending on the Pallets being transported, or space you have to work in, other configurations may suit you better.

Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck is ideal for the food industry or any environment where hygiene is of great importance. Equally, these Stainless Steel Pump Trucks are just as popular in applications with high levels of corrosion - for example in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

A Stainless Steel Pallet Truck is designed to be acid-resistant, offer long-term corrosion protection and be easy to clean. When buying a Stainless Steel Hand Truck to use in the food industry, check that only food-grade lubricants of class H1/H2 are used in the manufacture and assembly of the model you have selected. 

In the Jungheinrich South Africa SHOP we have a variety of Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks and Scissor Lift Trucks to choose from.

We also offer a cost-effective 'Galvinox' Hand Pallet Truck in SHOP designed especially for outdoor use. Although the Galvinox Pump Truck does not offer the same comprehensive hygiene standards as the Stainless Steel Trucks, it offers you corrosion protection due to its hot-dip galvanised surfaces.

Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks

Scissor Lift Pallet Truck can be used as a Hand Pallet Truck, Lift Table and Workbench - making it a versatile addition to you warehouse or workshop.

Generally available as either manual-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic, a manual-hydraulic Scissor Lift Pallet Truck will often include a 'quick lift' feature to aid initial lift with reduced pump strokes whereas an electro-hydraulic Scissor Lift Pallet Truck can lift pallets to your desired height at the touch of a button.

Pallet Trucks with Weigh Scales

Pallet Truck With Weighing Scale allows you to move and weigh your goods with a single device. Weighing palletised goods using a Pallet Truck with Weigh Scales can be useful for incoming goods control, determining shipping weights and avoiding truck overloads.

Jungheinrich South Africa SHOP has a variety of Pump Trucks with Weigh Scales available to choose from, including manual and electric trucks.

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