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Electric pedestrian trucks

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Ameise® PTE 1.1 electric pallet truck - Lithium Ion

  • 1100kg Capacity
  • 685 x 1150 mm
  • Forks Lithium-Ion
  • Suitable for light use (3-5 hours per day)

Efficient pallet handling thanks to fully electric travel and lift function with lithium-ion battery

Jungheinrich EJE M13 electric pallet truck

The Jungheinrich EJE M13 electric low-lift truck offers an optimal price-performance ratio for in-company goods traffic.

  • 1300kg capacity 
  • 1150mm forks 
Showing 1-5 of 5 item(s)

Electric pallet truck

Pump or pallet trucks that can be operated electrically not only save power and lighten the back and joints, but also offer great flexibility in a small space. The entry-level models have a manual lift function, while the premium versions also have an electric lift function. At Jungheinrich SHOP you will find high-quality and reliable electric pallet trucks from the quality brands Ameise® and Jungheinrich.

In working environments where heavy loads have to be transported, the pallet truck is part of the basic equipment. An electric pump truck, like the electric stacker truck, can make lifting and moving loads even easier. A powerful electric motor minimises the effort required to travel back and forth. Depending on the model, the lifting mechanism is also electrically controlled. Purchasing an electric pallet truck saves manpower and supports healthy working ergonomics.

The load capacity of the electric pallet truck depends on which version you choose. Entry-level models have the capacity to carry small loads of up to 500 kg, and there are electric pump trucks that can even handle several thousand kilos. On average, the maximum load capacity is 1,000 to 2,000 kg.

What characterises an electric pump truck?
At first glance, many pallet trucks that operate electrically resemble an electric forklift truck. However, they differ from each other in an important detail: these pallet trucks do not need a counterweight, such as forklift trucks. Electric pump trucks are therefore also built narrower. This is particularly advantageous when working on a small area, where the workspace consists of narrow aisles and where there are few turning options.
The electric motor of the electric pump truck is driven by a battery, which is usually located under the battery holder and between the steering arm and the mast. Many modern models also have an integrated charger. In factories where lifting and transport work is carried out, it makes sense to purchase a second battery so that one battery works while the other is being charged. With the right device, it is easy to replace the batteries.

Electric pallet truck
Electric pallet trucks are ideal for loading and unloading with trucks. There are compact models that are ideal for transport, but also pump trucks that are specially designed for manoeuvring through the narrow paths between the racking in your warehouse. Whether you are looking for a hand pallet truck or an electric pump truck, at Jungheinrich SHOP you will always succeed.

If you want to buy an electric pump truck, you should bear in mind that the operation and manoeuvring of such a vehicle requires practice. It is therefore advisable to give your staff an instruction in self-propelled industrial vehicles. The instructors must be able to handle the machine safely and know the associated safety measures.

Order your electric pallet truck in our webshop
You can purchase an electric pump truck at an advantageous price from Jungheinrich SHOP, the specialist in warehouse design, transport and storage. In our webshop you can choose from excellent electric pump trucks with capacities between 1300 and 2000 kg.
If you want to know which electric pallet truck is the most suitable for your company, please consult our experts. At Jungheinrich SHOP we offer you a free and personal consultation.

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