Jungheinrich Branded Veldskoen Shoes
Jungheinrich Branded Veldskoen Shoes


Veldskoen Heritage Vilakazi Shoes - Jungheinrich Branded  

The ultimate shoes built for South Africans. 

Veldskoen's shoes are made from locally sourced hydrophobic suede leather, yellow laces to match the unique yellow thermoplastic sole and matching yellow stitching. 

Veldskoen's Heritage shoe range was their first and remains their most popular product range. They have been reimagined with their streamlined design and signature colourful Veldskoen soles and; are in essence everything a traditional South African pair of shoes should be; comfortable, reliable and tough. 

The yellow soles are called Vilakazi Yellow and is named after the famous Vilakazi Street in Soweto, Johannesburg. 

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    Jungheinrich branded Veldskoen Heritage Shoes

    • Vilakazi edition - Yellow Soles
    • Locally sourced genuine leather suede
    • Thermoplastic yellow sole 
    • Tough, comfortable and reliable 
    • Environmentally conscious carbon footprint 

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    Status: Pre-order yours today!

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