Jungheinrich EFG BC 320 Electric Forklift

Our agile four-wheel counterbalance forklift truck

for all applications. 

Simple and impressively powerful. 

This entry-level electric forklift offers: 

  • Affordable pricing 
  • Robust mast feature offering high residual capacities (up to 5m)
  • Minimized turning radius thanks to dual-motor front-wheel drive with ZF gearbox 
  • curveCONTROL for increased safety and more comfort 
  • Intelligent Jungheinrich control for maximum goods throughput 

Your Jungheinrich electric forklift truck 

for maximum customer benefits.


Save costs and benefit from increased efficiency. Maximum performance with the most efficient trucks. 

Benefit from proven AC technology, combined with highly efficient batteries to give your trucks high performance with constantly low energy consumption. By having this technology you can enjoy long operating times thanks to the optimized energy efficiency and the regenerative braking to further improve the energy consumption. 

Thanks to the maintenance-free dual motors, the turning radius of the forklift is minimized and reduced tyre wear.  This EFG BC range's forklifts are fully enclosed and protected up to IP54 and offers a long service life even in dusty and humid enviromments. 


Jungheinrich ensures that our forklifts are fitted with the best features for working safely. 

The intelligent assistance systems and various safety features like curveCONTROL as one of them, offers an automatic speed reduction when cornering or from a certain lift height to increase the safety in the warehouse. IF the driver's seat is unoccupied, the drive and respective hydraulic functions are deactivated.

A High residual capacity thanks to the intelligent design of our trucks with a low centre of gravity and a stable mast to give you up to 5m in height of full capacity for your loaded pallets. 

IPX5 protections rating on the entire truck. 

There are additional safety features that get fitted to the forklift truck such as: 

  • Floor-Spot for warning other operators and pedestrians 
  • Strobe light with various modes capability
  • Seat belt with contact switch 
  • driveCONTROL to control the travel speed from a defined lift height 
  • A maintenance-free wet disc brake with high reliability ad low service costs 


A truck as individual as your business. 

These Jungheinrich EFG BC electric forklift trucks have striking designs, robust functions and proven quality - with this electric forklift trucks you are choosing a truck with the utmost flexibility and maximum performance. 

The sturdy frame on the truck offers a strong and concise design with LED work lights to provide the best orientation in dark areas and reduces maintenance costs. The mast and fork carrier allow a clear view of the load and the travel route. 

The compact design of this EFG BC 320 is compact enough to enable operation even in very confined spaces and boasts a minimized turning radius. 

Comprehensive safety packages with a strobe light, warning zone light and acoustic warning signal come standard in the various equipment options. Jungheinrich lithium-ion batteries are available for increased endurance. 

EFG BC 320
Load capacity / rated load
2000 kg
Load centre distance
500 mm
1506 mm
Service weight
3317 kg
Axle load with load front/rear
4738 / 579
Axle load without load front / rear
1606 / 1711 kg
Super-elastic (SE)
Front tyre size
200 / 50 - 10
Rear tyre size
16 x 6 - 8
Number of front / rear wheels
2x / 2
Front tread width
924 mm
Rear tread width
870 mm
Forward/ Backward tilt of mast (a/ß °)
7 / 5
Retracted mast height (h1)
2160 mm
Overall height (h15)
2200 mm
Free lift
1460 mm
4800 DZ
Extended mast height
5435 mm
Height of overhead guard
2080 mm
Seat height/ stand height
1030 mm
Coupling height
475 mm
Overall length
3096 mm
Length including fork length
3096 mm
Length including fork shank
2096 mm
Overall width
1120 mm
Fork dimensions
40 x 100 x 1000
Fork carriage connection class
Fork carriage width
1038 mm
Ground clearance (with load) under mast
97 mm
Ground clearance / centre of wheelbase
88 mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000 × 1200 sideways
3513 mm
Aisle width for pallets 800 × 1200 lengthways
3712 mm
Turning radius
1960 mm
Smallest pivot point distance
562 mm
Travel speed, laden / unladen (Efficiency / drivePLUS)
15 / 15 km/h
Lift speed, laden / unladen (Efficiency / drivePLUS)
0.34 / 0.44 m/s
Lowering speed, laden / unladen
0.51 / 0.55 m/s
Drawbar pull laden
1600 N
Max. drawbar pull laden/unladen
9200 / 10500 N
Gradebility laden/unladen
5 / 11 %
Max gradeability, laden / unladen
11 / 15 %
Acceleration time laden/unladen (Efficiency / drivePLUS)
6 / 5.2 s
Service break
Mechanical/ hydraulic
Lift motor, performance with S3
10 kW
Drive motor, performance S2 60 min
3.7 kW
Battery according to DIN 43531/35/36
DIN 43531 A
Battery voltage/ nominal capacity
48 / 625 V/ Ah
Energy consumption according to the EN cycle (Efficiency | PLUS)
4.8 kWh/h
CO2 equivalent as per EN 16796 (Efficiency | PLUS)
2.6 kg/h
Throughput (Efficiency | PLUS)
136 t/h
Energy consumption with max. throughput (Efficiency | PLUS)
5.88 kWh/h
Type of drive control
Impulse/ AC
Sound pressure level at operator's ear as per EN 12053
74 dB (A)
Trailer coupling, model/type DIN
Battery weight
856 kg
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Jungheinrich EFG BC 320 Electric Forklift

Simply a great performance 

  • Electric Drive
  • 2000kg Capacity 
  • Mast Options up to 6.5m lift height
  • Energy-efficient AC technology 
  • High residual capacity 
  • curveCONTROL 
  • Strong and concise design 
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