Jungheinrich EJE M15 Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck

The EJE M15 is a cost-effective entry into the Jungheinrich electric pallet truck segment. The electric drive facilitates work during transport and storage of pallets. The electric pallet truck is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies, as a replacement for the hand-held truck or as a supplement to your vehicle fleet.

. Extremely agile thanks to compact dimensions
. Support wheels for excellent driving and cornering stability
. Powerful and economical thanks to three-phase motor
. Maintenance-free gel battery with integrated charger
. Retraction rollers for easy pallets

The EJE M15 has been specially developed for use in small and medium-sized companies with an occasional demand for goods transports. The 0.6 kW powerful driving motor assists you when transporting pallets and goods up to 1500 kg over short distances.

With the ergonomically designed handlebar handle, which can be operated on both sides, you can easily control all functions. All important control instruments such as the battery indicator, operating hours counter, emergency stop switch and key are arranged centrally and are located directly in your field of view. The low drawbar reduces the effort required for steering.

The vehicle is completely covered for safe operation. Because of the low ground clearance of only 35 mm, the risk of injuries in the foot area is significantly minimized.

Thanks to its compact design and the low front length of only 435 mm, the EJE M15 offers maximum maneuverability and allows you to use safely even in confined spaces. You always have an optimal view of the fork tips. Two spring-loaded support rollers ensure a safe ride and optimal cornering stability.

The maintenance-free and powerful three-phase current technology reduces your operating costs and creates the best conditions for a fast and cost-efficient handling of goods. The 0.6 kW powerful driving motor offers a pleasant and speedy acceleration with excellent driving behavior. For an economical energy management, the regenerative brake also provides an energy recovery when the driving speed is reduced.

The vehicle switches off automatically after 30 minutes without use. With this intelligent automatic switch-off, the battery is protected. The maintenance-free gel battery, together with the integrated charger, allows a flexible insert and can be easily charged to any 230 V socket. Annoying refilling of water is completely unnecessary.

Take advantage of the cost-effective entry into the Jungheinrich electric pallet truck segment and order the EJE M15 here in our shop.

Load capacity / rated load
1500 kg
Load centre distance
600 mm
Load distance
914 mm
1212 mm
Axle load with load front/rear
700 / 1019 kg
Axle load without load front / rear
166 / 53 kg
Front tyre size
230 x 65 mm
Rear tyre size
80 x 70 mm
Number of front / rear wheels
Front tread width
460 mm
Rear tread width
368 mm
120 mm
Overall length
1585 mm
Overall width
650 mm
Fork dimensions
55 / 172 / 1150 mm
Ground clearance / centre of wheelbase
35 mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000 × 1200 sideways
1643 mm
Aisle width for pallets 800 × 1200 lengthways
1843 mm
Turning radius
1357 mm
Travel speed, laden / unladen (Efficiency / drivePLUS)
0.08 / 0.04 m/s
Lift speed, laden / unladen (Efficiency / drivePLUS)
0.05 / 0.06 m/s
Max gradeability, laden / unladen
4 / 10 %
Service break
Battery voltage / nominal capacity
24 / 90 V / Ah
Battery weight
35 kg
Sound pressure level at operator's ear as per EN 12053
66 dB (A)
Operation mode
Width across forks
540 mm
Length to face of forks
435 mm
Height of tiller in drive position min / max
740 / 1190 mm
Net weight incl battery
214 kg
Height, lowered
85 mm
Lift motor rating
1.2 kW
Travel speed, laden / unladen
4.5 / 5 km / h
Drive motor, output S2 60 min
0.6 kW
Battery as per
DIN 43531 /35/36 A, B, C
Energy consumption according to VDI cycle
0.27 kWh / h
Type of drive control
AC SpeedControl

Jungheinrich EJE M15 electric pallet truck

Pedestrian Pallet Truck

The Jungheinrich EJE M15 electric low-lift truck offers an optimal price-performance ratio for in-company goods traffic.

  • 1500kg capacity
  • 1150mm forks
  • 0,6kW power
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